This is the vision of City Life Church.

Jesus told the religious leaders of the day not to get hung up on keeping all of the laws. He said understand these two and the whole law hangs on these. He said, Love God with all your heart, soul & mind and love your neighbor(people) as much as you love yourself.

Then when Jesus gave His final instruction He said, go tell this city(love the city) and the world(love the world) about me and my love for them. But, don't stop there. After people find out about my love and they place their faith in me, teach them to live for me so they go and tell others about my love for them.

We try to live this out everyday, not just on Sundays. Come join us on this journey as we love this city and the people in it.




We are a gospel centered non denominational church who wants to change the way people think about church. We have a great time on Sunday mornings. The adults and the kids. We don't think church has to be stuffy and boring to be called a church, that was never Jesus plan. So join us this Sunday morning at 10am. Grab a cup of coffee, drop off your children, if you have any, in our secure children's areas and come in and enjoy the service. See you Sunday! ...Read More